For many of us, technology is simply a means to an end. There are some exciting things you want to accomplish and technology provides you the means to get those things done. Orientation courses for Mac and Windows will be offered on a monthly basis (beginning fall 2012) and one-to-one sessions are also currently available.  

If you are in Sooke, Langford, Metchosin, or Jordan River, and you're interested in learning more about either the technologies you use, or one of the subjects below, please contact us.  

Training at salish sea technologies

Photo Sharing

You’ve just returned from a trip and want to post your photos for friends and family to share. Or, you want to select your favorite photos and get them printed out so you can frame them.


You’ve taken the time to convert your music library onto your computer and now you want to create interesting play lists, sync your music onto your phone, or setup your home to play your music in the rooms of your choice. What do I need to allow me to play my music wirelessly? How do I play music in multiple rooms or my house? How do I sync my music onto my tablet, MP3 player, or phone? How do I convert my music from LP, tape, CD onto my computer?


You’re interested in learning more about a news story or a piece of history and you want to find the best way to access the information you’re looking for.


You’re a musician and you want to create music or you simply want to practice along with another instrument.


You enjoy playing games and have found you can play your games with a partner across the internet. Where do I find the game software and how do I find a partner to play chess, cards, Diablo 3, etc. with?


You’re going on vacation and you would like to discover the various routes, planes, hotels, and attractions for where you would like to go. How much will it cost? When should we leave? What sort of food and drink will we find? What type of clothes should we pack?

These are a just a small sample of things you may be doing (or hope to do) with your computer. And, we’re here to assist you in finding the right tools and information to get you on your way.