Is your computer acting strangely?  Random error message? Can’t access the internet?  Are things running very slowly?

It could be that you have contracted a virus or have mistakenly downloaded a piece of malware that has decided to make your computer its home. Or, you may have installed two anti-virus softwares that are busy fighting each other for control of your computer.

Often, it is hard to distinguish between a malware problem and the failure of a part on your computer.

This is why SST offers FREE Diagnostic Services. Unique among our competition, we will test and analyze the issues on your system and allow you to decide if your computer is worth the price of fixing it.

If you have a desktop please bring only the computer and leave your cables, mouse, and keyboard at home. We’ll do the rest here at the shop.

If you have a laptop it would be helpful if you brought your power cord as each laptop uses a different power adapter.

If you are in Sooke, Langford, Metchosin, or Jordan River and you're having troubles with your computer, come see us for our FREE diagnostics services.  

Free diagnostics offered at Salish Sea Technologies